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Welcome to Your Home
Without erasing the traces of the past intertwined with today's modern technology in an environment to give you the best service we want to welcome in the best way. In her hotel room in Bedirhan internet (wireless) technology within an erişimile anyiz.All rooms have air conditioning, 24 hour hot water.

Our hotel is a customer you not as a guest in your home agirlamayi and under such an atmosphere you can feel the policy as adopted primarily to guests.
Your satisfaction is our Satisfaction.
With regard to our hotel;
Our hotel is on two floors and texture makes you feel Alacati is an old stone building, all rooms are independent of our input. Also; Every day our complimentary morning breakfast, is free. Breakfast time is not fixed according to the departure time of our guests are independent. Each of our rooms have separate WC and bathroom. Our wireless internet is available in our hotel and every room of this service is easily kulanabileceğiniz case, 24-hour hot water are available,

    About our hotel;
  • » Hot water for 24 hours
  • » LCD TV
  • » Minibar
  • » WC, Bathroom
  • » Breakfast
  • » TV Room
  • » Wi - Fi
About Breakfast
All the famous shopping area of the village market of London and also the location of our hotel which is made from alaçatı market. All food brought as a natural product of the village are taken. Breakfastthese natural products are made from materials...

Breakfast menu :
Natural products belonging to our region is selected and homemade breakfast foods are offered, especially with our homemade jam, mulberry jam, cherry jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam and fig jam (fig, when possible), Honey, butter from cheese; local izmir bag, village cheese, unsalted fat curd cheese, Of Olives, olive which is one of our region and also has a natural olive oil seasoned with green Kalamata olives, dates, black olives and olive scratches, Service upon request eggs (soft-boiled, scrambled eggs, etc.), Tomato and cucumber salad breakfast consisting of local, The bread; Germiyan village is presented in the natural bread. The drinks, Tea, Nescafe, juice, milk is offered according to demand.

Oriental Corner:
Breakfast in our garden has been decorated with care, our corner is a beautiful song. We want to capture this corner, especially peace and want to spend the minutes in a warm dialogue with our guests is very special to our region's own dropWhen the tissue with coffee heritage akızlı still challenging southeast bring you a special offer that we are from Mırra.